Greg meets you where you are, and then shot by shot takes you to the next level in the kindest possible way. His teaching is thorough, gentle, and yet incredibly motivating. His love of the game shines through in every lesson. Highly recommend him!
Deborah H.
Down The Line Pickleball and Coach Greg’s lessons have helped me shape my pickleball game and improve quicker than I ever thought possible. His understanding of the sport and ability to teach strategic shots that win games is truly unmatched. Whether a 4.0 player or a beginner, Greg has you covered.
Maggie F.
Greg is a wonderful instructor. I was a true beginner when I took my first lesson with him, and hadn’t even held a pickleball paddle before. He teaches with kindness and patience, and was able to communicate the basic skills I needed to play with my friends. Now I’m giving them tips!
Kathie M.
I’ve learned so much from Coach Greg’s instruction and knowledge of the game. He was able to customize my lessons to meet my skill level (beginner/intermediate), so I never felt a skill was too advanced or not difficult the master. I didn’t know how to score when I started, now I’m dropping my 3rd shots and returning with my backhand.
Kyle T.
Greg is an excellent instructor. He communicates the keys to playing high level pickleball with clarity and confidence. I’m using what I’ve learned from his lessons when I hit the “open play” courts at my local park and the results speak for themselves. Wins wins wins.
Eric P.
I took my first lesson from Coach Greg back in 2021 and was just a beginner. He taught me the basics from dinking and drop shots to blocks and overheads. He is so easy to work with and really cares that his students learn and progress. Now I’m a solid 4.0 player and I owe much of it to Greg.
Vanessa R.
Not only is Greg a wonderful teacher, but he was able to help me find the right paddle for my style of play. I’m not the strongest or hardest hitting player, but I have a pretty solid soft game. At first, I was using a power paddle, but he switched me to one the was geared toward control and spin. This helped my game tremendously. Thanks Coach Greg!
Gale R.